Corylus Ecology can carry out a range of bird surveys including Common Bird Census (CBC) and Wintering Bird Surveys as well as species specific surveys.



















Common Bird Cencus (CBC) surveys involve repeated surveys plotting the locations where birds are recorded and their behaviour.


Legislation and Conservation Status

All birds are protected under the Wildlife and Countryside Act 1981 making it an offence (except in certain circumstances) to:


  • Kill, injure or take any wild bird species; and

  • Take, damage or destroy the nest of a wild bird while the nest is in use or being built. Some birds are protected by their inclusion in Schedule 1 of the Wildlife and Countryside Act being protected at all times. Specific mitigation for these species may be required. Species included in Schedule 1 include, for example:


Barn owl

Peregrine falcon



A number of bird species have declined dramatically within the British Isles. A number of conservation organisations have carried out a review of the status of regularly occurring British birds. The resulting document ‘Birds of Conservation Concern’ includes a ‘Red List’ of 52 species which are considered to be of high conservation importance.


View the Bird of Conservation Concern


Corylus bird projects

As well as carrying out both breeding bird surveys and wintering bird surveys for impact assessments and Environmental Statements, Corylus Ecology have provided specific mitigation advice for sites with breeding barn owls and peregrine falcon. In 2012 a breeding pair of peregrines successfully raised 3 chicks during ongoing development.


Mitigation and biodiversity enhancements can include the provision of breeding sites for birds such as swift nesting sites in new buildings or providing nest boxes within vegetation or on buildings such as colony house sparrow boxes.

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